Security beefed up for Republic Day, over 25000 security personnel to be deployed

New Delhi: Around 25,000 police personnel will be deployed in an around Rajpath as part of the Delhi Police’s elaborate security arrangements for the Republic Day celebrations.

Apart from Delhi Police, special armed forces including NSG and para-military will be deployed in the area. They will be equally deployed around Rajpath, Vijay Chowk and the Red Fort.

Almost 405 DFMG gates have been set up at all entry and exit points, out of which, 30 crucial entry points have been equipped with CCTV cameras integrated with facial recognition feature. All wanted terrorists and criminals’ data, along with their photographs, have been fed into them.

If any of the wanted people try to enter through these gates, the cameras would immediately recognise them and within a span of two seconds, will alert the control room so that necessary action may be taken.

A total of 160 rooftops have been identified where snipers, equipped with anti-drone guns, will be stationed. These buildings will be evacuated on January 25 after 12 pm and will be sealed till the main Republic Day Parade event.