‘Secret Superstar’ has more than one secret superstar: Aamir Khan

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [Mumbai]: Aamir Khan, who is all set to come with his upcoming movie ‘Secret Superstar,’ has revealed one interesting fact about the movie which is surely going to make fans curious.

While attending the song launch of the movie, Aamir shared that there is actually more than one secret superstar in the film.

In the event, Aamir while talking about his movie, said, “Secret Superstar as the title in the film refers to Zaira and of course, Zaira is a huge star but it’s no longer a secret. She was a secret superstar until ‘Dangal’ had released. But I must tell you that Secret Superstar has got many secret superstars in it. Slowly one by one we will be revealing each one of the superstars as we go along this journey and Advait (Choudhary) is certainly one of them.”

Adding, “When you see the film, you’ll realise what a beautiful story he has written and how well he had made the film.”

The ‘Dangal’ star also shared that Zaira learned how to play guitar for the film and spent a lot of time learning how to sing.

“Zaira learned to play guitar for all the songs, for all the places she had to play. You see, anyone can play a guitar but we wanted to show that she is born artist. And I think she has achieved that.”

The movie traces the journey of Zaira, who plays a 14-year-old girl named Insia who desires to be a singer much to the chagrin of her dad. She then decides to make her own YouTube channel in which she posts videos of herself singing while covering her face in a burkha.

She is then scouted by Aamir’s character, who is a music director, and is impressed by Insia’s musical gift.

The movie is slated for a Diwali release. (ANI)