SDPI vehemently condemns brazen vandalism of statues

Bhopal (Pervez Bari): The Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI), has vehemently condemned the brazen vandalism of statues/idols which are icons of different ideologies/castes/groups etc. by the affiliates of the saffron brigade.

SDPI national president A. Sayeed in a statement, while expressing shock, derision and disdain at these incidents, said that it is a chain that started with demolition of Babri Masjid. Bhima Koregaon was another attempt. It continues with Lenin, Periyar and now Ambedkar. Worst fears are coming true. One act of vindictiveness has ignited a chain. Statue of whosoever has had an image of being against caste and communal divide would be targeted. Mischievous elements will harp on opportunity. The Hindutva criminals are out to push India into a civil war. It must be remembered that it all this started with the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat had called on RSS cadres to practice hard line Hindutva at Meerut sometime back.
Saeed lamented that two days after Lenin’s statue was razed in Tripura and a statue of Periyar was broken in Tamil Nadu, an idol of Dalit icon Bhimrao Ambedkar was vandalized in Uttar Pradesh late Tuesday night. The incident took place in Meerut district’s Khurd village.

He questioned as to why the BJP did not take action against party’s national Secretary H. Raja who in his Tweet said: “Today it is Lenin and tomorrow it will be Periyar”. If anyone set hands on Periyar statue, then Tamil Nadu will be one fire. Because, 98 percent of the Tamil Nadu people are affiliated to Dravidian parties and Congress party only, they will come out on street. As such Raja should be sacked otherwise it will be a law and order problem in Tamil Nadu.

He welcomed the condemnation of the incidents of vandalism in several parts of the country by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi who said that stern action will be taken against those found guilty. However, it is disturbing that Prime Minister is not taking any harsh step against the culprits. If these vandalisms did not check now, it will lead to civil war. Are we prepared for this? Mere words will not bring results until and unless stern action is taken against these goons and goondas who are out there to destroy peace in the country.

He said PM Modi speaks only when he sees it is going to affect his political fortune as in case damage to Periyar statue in TN. Will he remove Tripura Governor who has crossed all the boundaries of his office dignity by openly supporting the acts of vandalism? All those who spread hate and support these acts are either CMs, Governors or VC of various universities. The sooner we get rid of these morons, the better for India. BJP which is funded by likes of Adani, Ambani, Choksi, Nirav Modi, Jatin Mehta through the looted money from public sector bank in the form of loans. These loans will then become NPA’s and BJP will then use common man money to recapitalise these banks.

Saeed pointed out that till now the BJP has turned a blind eye to all hooliganism like cow vigilance, Ram Rahim, Padmavati, Jaat strike, JNU etc. Their leaders have no shame in justifying everything in the name of misdeeds of Congress. The public is now bored of their antics. Both PM and BJP chief Amit Shah are shedding “crocodile” tears. These developments are welcome to their design viz. consolidation Hindus’ votes, to repeat Gujarat example in the whole of India. Unfortunately splintered and spineless Opposition parties (including so-called disciplined Left fronts) and turncoats like Nitish in Bihar are helping them. If they really want to avoid such incidents, instead of usual rhetoric (like stern action will be taken etc., etc.) Chief Secretaries of States should be summoned and instructed for strict action against the culprits like rounding up such elements and putting them under Goondas’ Act. Will they, he questioned?

The statement said: “Development of such type of situation is inevitable when parallel to welfare of common man, rewriting history and discrediting the “dead among opposition” becomes an agenda. What greatness did PM show in Parliament by stating if Patel was PM instead of Nehru …… and India was a democracy since Licchavi clan rule 2500 years ago! At the same time, it can not be denied that certain misled radicals are there, as in every community. But this sort of cowardly acts, on statues, is disgusting”.

“Forces of hatred always have the initiative in their hand while the rest of India just reacts, slowly and mostly ineffectively. The law and order machinery in every state should be live to trend and watch the unlawful elements in an otherwise very tolerant and peaceful society”, the statement added.

Saeed cautioned that the Nation is sitting on Time Bomb and watch is ticking fast. Luck is not on our side this time. Our own inertness is going to bring our fall.