SDPI rejoices as saffron colour fades

New Delhi: The disgraceful defeat of BJP in bye-elections in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar has cheered the secular parties. The Muslim-led Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) of south India rejoiced seeing the saffron colour fades away. It said ‘now people have clearly understood Modi and Yogi Government’.

A Sayeed the National President of SDPI in a statement said the defeat of BJP in after Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh followed by UP and Bihar indicates that the voters are getting to know the BJP and prime minister Narendra Modi.

A Sayeed further said that the way in which SP and BSP alliance defeated BJP in Gorakhpur which was believed to be Yogi Adityanath’s stronghold has shocked BJP.

Yogi Adityanath had won the Gorakhpur seat for five times consecutively. They were sure that no one could defeat them, but the people by using their voting right made them bite the dust.

Mr Sayeed said Modi government during the past four years and Yogi Government during his 1-year governance did no good for the people.