SDPI holds Parliament March, submits memorandum to President

New Delhi, December 24 (Pervez Bari): A massive Parliament March, a part of the ongoing nationwide Campaign Against Communal Terror with the slogan “On Your Feet, Not On Your Knees”, was organized here on Monday under the banner of Social Democratic of India, (SDPI), wherein about 5,000 social workers from different states participated.

The Parliament March which started from Turkman Gate culminated into a public meeting at Jantar Mantar wherein speakers cutting across party lines and social activists condemned in unison the RSS backed BJP’s Narendra Modi-led NDA Government for camouflaging its efforts to impose Hindutva agenda by resorting to violence against minorities, Dalits and Adivasis.

The office-bearers of the SDPI, thereafter, submitted a memorandum to the President of India appealing him to press the Central Government for action against the Communal Terror pervading in the country, targeting especially Muslims, Christians, Dalits, Backward Classes, Adivasis and Progressives. The campaign is intended to draw peoples’ attention to the upsetting socio-political situation prevailing in our country and to capacitate people of India to safeguard and reinforce secularism and democracy in the country.

Six-point demands in memorandum

The memorandum submitted to the President contained six-point demands to be directed to the Central Government, which included 1. Speedy judicial proceedings and Rigorous punishment to the perpetrators of lynching, burning, killings and assaulting Minorities, Dalits, BCs and Progressive Persons; 2. Stern action against RSS and its fringe elements which are trying to convert the country into “Hindutva Nationalism”; 3. Enactment of Prevention of Communal Violence Bill; 4. Release of innocents who are lingering in jails under draconian laws; 5. Strict action against baseless false propaganda of forceful conversion etc. and 6. Implementation of reports of Liberhan Commission, Sachar Commission, Mishra Commission and Sri Krishna Commission Report.

The marchers with all fury raised slogans which rented the cold December air of Delhi. The slogans raised were such as “Dalit Muslim Karo Vichar, Kab Tak Chalega Atyachar; London Jata, Paris Jata, Modi Dadri Kyon Nahi Jata; SDPI Ne yah Thana Hai, Sampradayik Atank Mitana Hai; Samvidhan Ka Rakhna Hoga Maan, Tabhi Banega Bharat Mahan; Social policing Bund Karo, Bund Karo, Bund Karo; Vikas Nahin Vinash Ki Gatha, Modiji TumheN Kuchh NahiN Aata”.

While the marchers also carried placards which read as; “We Want Democratic System, NOT Authoritarian Govt.! Modi Regime Creative Agenda No, Hindutva Extremism YES; BJP Governance Anti-Democratic, Anti-Secular; Let’s Unite & Build India on Foundation of Peace & Love; No Silence No Crawling in Fear Let’s Stand United & Fight Anti-People Rule; Let’s Raise Flags of Strong Resistance Against Anti-National Looters” etc.

Brahminical system blamed for all evils prevailing

Addressing the public meeting after the Parliament March Justice (Rtd.) B. G. Kolse Patil from Pune said that unless and until the country is freed from the clutches of fascist forces represented by the RSS, Muslims and Hindus cannot live in peace. He emphatically blamed the Arya Brahmans and RSS along with the Brahminical system for all the evils prevailing in the country.

Justice (Rtd.) Patil held Hindu extremist elements responsible for all the communal riots in the country aimed to subjugate Muslims. It is the humanity which should come first and not religion when it comes to work for peace, he added. The jurist turned activist Kolse Patil appealed to the people to stand united and fight communalism.

SDPI national president A. Sayeed said that people voted BJP to power in 2014 Lok Sabha elections in the name of development. However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has silently focused his efforts to encourage in a hidden manner, the fringe elements to convert the country into a Hindu Rashtra. SDPI wishes to convey a message to the fellow citizenry that do not be afraid, it’s time to fight the communal terror by standing firmly on our feet and not on our knees, he said.

Sayeed vehemently condemned the brutal lynching and killings of activists and writers N. Dabholkar, Govind Pansare and M. M. Kalburgi by the Hindutva goons.

Adv. Sharfuddin Ahmad, vice president of SDPI, said that BJP and RSS want to rule the country following the script of “Manusmriti” (the most important and most studied ancient legal text among the many Dharmaśāstras of Hinduism) which says that all people are not equal by birth. Those born in high castes have only the right to rule and no one else. This ideology should be shunned and fascist forces should be taught lessons to never raise their heads in such a brazen manner.

Speaking on the occasion Kamal Farooqui, Convenor of Movement Against UAPA, said that in the Parliament, PM Modi says Constitution is my religion whereas Home Minister Rajnath Singh questions Secularism.

“The Indians can’t be cheated anymore Modiji as your double talk is evidently exposed”, said Farooqui. He appealed: “using all the democratic means while standing on our feet and not on knees, with all our might, let us fight the extremist elements and show them an exit way”.

“Don’t be afraid as SDPI is there to continue its relentless fight not only to safeguard our country’s Constitution but to struggle to ensure the provision of equality too reaches all Indians irrespective of caste and creed. It’s time to firmly stand on our feet, prepare and fight the communal forces to show them an exit way out of power, thundered All India Imams Council national president Moulana Usman Baig.

Moulana Baig condemned the efforts being made to construct Ram Mandir illegally in Ayodhya though the case is still pending in the court of law. He reiterated that the Indian citizens will never allow such cowardice and any anti-constitutional move by the RSS and its fringe elements.

Popular Front of India vice chairman EM Abdurrahman said that the country has to be developed into a welfare and democratic state by ensuring that all the have-nots get share in power.

Let Muslims and Dalits all come together, hand-in-hand, shoulder-to-shoulder, to strengthen ourselves politically and fail the communal agenda of BJP and RSS who are hell bent to divide the society, said Dr Ambedkar Manch president B. Paswan.

At the outset Mohammad Shafi, SDPI national general secretary, welcomed the guests and rally participants. He also threw light on the aims and objects of the Parliament March of which he was the convener.

Ravi Nair of South Asian Human Rights Documentation Centre, Prof. Naznin Begum, vice president of SDPI, P. Abdul Nazar, president Campus Front of India, etc. also spoke on the occasion.

I. A. Khan, general secretary of Delhi State unit of SDPI, proposed a vote of thanks while Salim Ansari, general secretary of Madhya Pradesh State unit of SDPI, compeered the programme with aplomb.