SDPI Gulbarga successful Grand Public Program on the Birth Anniversary Of Hazrat Fath-E-Ali Khan Tipu Sultan

Shaheed R.A on 10th Nov 2015. Chief Guest of the program Dr. Maheboob Sharif Avad SDPI Karnataka State President, and Dr Minaxi Bale Social Activist, Dr Habeeb-Ur-Raheman Jamaath-E-Islami Leader, Maulana Ateeq-Ur-Raheman All India Imams Council Gulbarga Dist President, Md Mohsin Popular Front of India Gulbarga Dist President, Abdul Raheem Patel SDPI Karnataka State Secretary, Syed Zakir SDPI Gulbarga Dist President, SDPI Gulbarga Dist Gen. Secretary Shahid Naseer, SDPI Gulbarga Dist V. President Abdul Raheem Khan Madani, many leaders and thousands of peoples were present in this occasion.
Today protest rally by SDPI
Today #SDPI has organized protest at 4 pm in-front of the DC office in Gulbarga, as per their state wide protest against the Pre planned conspiracy of BJP and Sanghparivar in Madekeri to thwart the celebration of Tipu Jayanthi and communalizing the death of VHP leader and also to condemn the murder of innocent youth Sahul Hamid by Sangparivar goon.
Present for the protest were Abdul Raheem Patel, State Secretary, Shahid Naseer Glb Dist Gen Sect,, Shams Tabrez District member and hundreds of cadres of SDPI