SDPI dismayed over proceedings in Parliament during Budget session

Bhopal: The Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI), has expressed its dismay, disdain and disconcert over the proceedings in both Houses during the Budget session of Parliament which concluded on April 6, 2018.

SDPI national president A. Sayeed in a statement said that 250 hours were wasted by the Parliament while issues like the PNB scam and alleged dilution of the SC/ST Act couldn’t come up for discussion.

Sayeed pointed out that according to PRS legislative research, this was the least productive budget session since 2000. The Upper House spent only three minutes on government bills while it was 14 minutes for the Lower House.

Never has there been a ruling party in power which had been so insensitive and indifferent to the sufferings of people. While Parliaments in Western democracies work at least 200 days a year but in India they do not work even for 50 days. They never answer Opposition’s questions nor have open discussions on policies for uplifting India.

He charged it was BJP”s hidden ally AIADMK which did not allow the Parliament to function while the Speaker connived to let it happen which is a disgrace. Instead of suspending AIADMK they are trying to hide behind House is not in order. Modi Government can escape from Parliament but not from the people. He said the shameless BJP leaders cast themselves in a holier-than-thou outlook while painting the Opposition (except their allies) as epitome of vices. Such nuanced branding is losing its relevance as skeletons keep tumbling out of the ruling party’s closet one after another.

He pointed out that the coward Modi Govt. is the first in the History of India which ran away from discussion on No-Confidence motion. This is the wrong precedent set and undemocratic way. Next time any minority Government can do same thing and run five years without any problems. The BJP completely failed to manage the House proceedings. If sme folks were disrupting the house, they could have been moved out or suspended. Why it was not done? The BJP was intentionally trying to avoid No-confidence motion and avoid questions on banking frauds!

Sayeed said that these retard parliamentarians make democracy look less civilised and more incompetent when compared to dictatorship. The very purpose of giving so much freedom to the common man is defeated by these jokers. No where in the world such irresponsible behaviour takes place.