SC’s order on Anil Ambani: Apex court takes action against its staff for dropping ‘Not’

New Delhi: Dropping ‘Not’ from the Apex Court’s order proved costly for its employees. Supreme Court took action against them and dismissed two court masters namely, Manav Sharma and Tapan Kumar Chakraborty.

According to the report published in DC, the Apex Court sacked them for tampering with its order on Mr. Anil Ambani.

In the order issued on 7th January, SC had asked Mr. Anil Ambani to appear in the court in the contempt petitions filed by Ericsson.

It was stated, “personal appearance is not dispensed with”. However, when it was uploaded on the SC’s website, the essential word ‘Not’ was dropped. The same mistake was repeated in the summons issued to Mr. Ambani.

After Dushyant Dave, Senior Counsel brought this mistake to the notice of the bench on 10th January, a corrected copy of the order was uploaded on the website.

Upon conducting inquiry, it was found that the mistake was committed by the two officials. After getting the details, Chief Justice of India, Mr. Ranjan Gogoi took action against them.

Honouring the revised order, Mr. Anil Ambani presented himself in the court on 12th and 13th February.

The important question arises that “Was dropping essential word ‘Not’ a mistake or deliberate attempt?”