SC’s green signal to collegium to continue higher judiciary appointments

New Delhi, Nov.19 : The Supreme Court on Thursday gave the green signal for the existing collegium to continue making appointments for the higher judiciary.

The apex court decided to reserve it order on the collegium system for appointment of judges.

A five-judge bench of the court had earlier rejected the government’s plea to replace the present collegium system, saying that the latter is competent enough to hear the suggestions being made on reforming the present system.

The Supreme Court bench asked the government to submit a draft memorandum of procedures for the functioning of the collegium.

So far, over 3,500 suggestions have been submitted.

The government on its part has told the apex court that vacancies have risen by 40 percent due to the halt of Collegium’s operations.

The collegium had suspended operations over the course of this matter.

The government is of the view that the current system lays more emphasis on seniority and not merit.

In a conciliatory gesture, the apex court had said on Wednesday that the government could suggest names for appointment as judges to superior courts under the existing collegium system.

In its earlier order, the Supreme Court had struck down the National Judicial Appointments Commission Act introduced by the government in Parliament for passage, which had caused strain in the relations between the judiciary and executive. (ANI)