“Screams are sign of your confidence deficit,” MB Rajesh to Arnab Goswami

Palakkad: Parliament member from Kerala’s Palakkad constituency, MB Rajesh wrote an open letter in response to Arnab Goswami’s on-air statement on May 26, in which Goswami told the MP that he had handled bigger political leaders than him.

MB Rajesh in his letter posted on Facebook called Goswami the most unethical journalist.

“During the course of that show, you arrogantly told me ‘I have handled bigger leaders than you’. Perhaps that was the only truth you said in that entire show. This one sentence alone is enough to show your ego, arrogance and pettiness,” the letter reads.

“You are the most unethical journalist I have ever seen,” he added.

The CPM leader in his letter told the journalist that he is not only biased and prejudiced but also lack substance, integrity, credibility and even confidence as a journalist.

MB Rajesh claimed that it was nothing but the journalist’s frustrated attempts to cover up the confidence deficit while referring to his aggression on the shows.

“I am sure that you are well aware of your weaknesses and I have always felt that the screams and outbursts you often make are your frustrated attempts to cover up the confidence deficit,” MB Rajesh said in his letter.