Scott Disick displays romance with new gal-pal on social media

London, Oct.6 : Scott Disick recently took to social media to show his romance with his new love interest Lindsay Vrckovnik

The 32-year-old TV personality tweeted the pictures oh him cuddling with his18-year-old ladyfriend, the Mirror reports.

In the pics, the ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star put his arms around his new love interest as the duo posed in a Miami hotel bathroom in huge brown fur coats and sunglasses.

However, the pictures were immediately deleted, but probably not before Kourtney Kardashian caught wind of it and responded with her own snapshot which shows her enjoying a hike in the Hollywood hills.

Previously, Disick and Vrckovnik had sparked off their dating rumours after being spotted partying in New York. (ANI)