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Scotland for “immediate discussions” with Brussels to protect its EU seat

Scotland for “immediate discussions” with Brussels to protect its EU seat

Washington : Scotland’s First Minister and leader of the Scottish National Party Nicola Sturgeo has said Scotland will seek “immediate discussions” with Brussels to “protect Scotland’s place in the EU” in the wake of the Brexit vote.

After an emergency Cabinet meeting she said “Cabinet agreed that we will seek to enter into immediate discussions with the EU institutions and other EU member states to explore all possible options to protect Scotland’s place in the EU.”

Further, ” Over the next few days, I will establish an advisory panel comprising a range of experts who can advise me and the Scottish government on a number of important matters – legal, financial and diplomatic,” the Guardian quoted Sturgeon as saying.

She mentioned that the Scottish government wants to re-emphasise that Scotland is an attractive place to do business and will reach out to the business community and added that she also wants to reassure citizens of EU states living in Scotland in the wake of the Brexit vote.

As part of this, she will invite consul general’s of all the EU states to a summit at Bute house.

Steps will now be taken to ensure that the necessary legislation will be put in place for a second Scottish independence referendum, Scotland’s first minister has said. However, she doesn’t guarantee that the second referendum will take place.

The Brexit poll has created a situation of political dilemma for Scotland as all 32 voting areas of the region voted to stay in the European Union, but they were outnumbered by the “Leave” vote in England and Wales. (ANI)