SCO Summit 2018 to focus on security, terrorism, drug control

Qingdao: Security is expected to be the focal point of the upcoming Shanghai Cooperation Organisation summit to be held in the Qingdao city of China on Saturday.

It is expecting to enhance cooperation among the members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, in tackling terrorism, security threats, drugs, and organised crimes as it recognised India’s efforts to contain terror activities.

As per a report published in Xinhua on Thursday, the head of international cooperation department of the Ministry of Public Security Liao Jinrong said the SCO is building measures to tackle challenges posed by cross-border crimes including terrorism and drug trafficking.

He recognised terrorism as the most severe security challenge faced by the SCO and also the joint initiatives taken by the member countries to deter terrorism and restrict activities of members of the international terrorism organisation.

Liao further talked of three evil forces comprising of terrorism, extremism, and separatism and appreciated the SCO members for cracking down on cross-border crimes, drug control, safeguarding information security, and enhancing border controls.

Appreciating India’s efforts in tackling security and combating terrorism, Liao said that it presence in the summit as a permanent member would inter-members cooperation in terms of security.

“We expect that documents on fighting terrorism, extremism and separatism, as well as drug control, will be deliberated at the summit,” Liao said.

Further, India and Pakistan’s presence both of which became the permanent members of the SCO in June 2017 at the Astana summit in Kazakhstan would help responding to new found security expectations at both regional and international level, Liao noted.

All the eight members of the SCO built to ensure cooperation among its members including India, Pakistan, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan will participate the SCO summit 2018. (ANI)