Scientists recognise this Sunnah food to fight depression

The feeling of being deprived, constant health issues and several such stressful life events can leave a person vulnerable to depression and it is a major health concern all around the world. The prevalence of depression is higher in children in the age group of 13-15 years in India.

While there are numerous ways to deal with depression, most often, people resort to prescription antidepressants, mood stabilizers, sedatives and, in some severe cases, Electroconvulsive Therapy, leaving the underlying illness untreated.

Instead of popping prescription antidepressants that can have serious side effects, have a balanced and nutritious diet helps the body to fight against depression.

And so comes the ‘Talbina’ (Barley broth or porridge) food, a tradition practiced among Arabs to relieve the depressive states is indeed the best comfort food that could reduce depression, relieve stress, and enhance mood as proven by the scientific research.

This is one of the treasures that we couldn’t see but the Prophet Mohammad (SallAllahu Alayhi Wa Sallam).

There are many Ahadith on the merits of “Talbina” for the internal healing, especially from grief and sorrow.

Hazrat A’ishah (Radhi Allahu Anha) narrated that whenever one of her relatives died, the women assembled and then dispersed (returned to their houses) except her relatives and close friends. She would order that a pot of Talbina be cooked. Then Tharid (a dish prepared from meat and bread) would be prepared and the Talbina would be poured on it. A’ishah would say (to the women),“Eat of it, for I heard Allah’s Apostle (SallAllahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) saying,

The talbina soothes the heart of the patient and relieves him from some of his sadness.’” Sahih Al Bukhari.

And also;

It was narrated from Hazrat A’ishah (Radhi Allahu Anha) that “You should eat the beneficial thing that is unpleasant to eat: Talbinah,” meaning broth. If any member of the family of the Messenger of Allah (SallAllahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) was sick, the cooking pot would remain on the fire until one of two things happened, either the person recovered or died. (Sunan Ibn Majah Book 31, Hadith 3572. Classed as Hasan by Darussalam.)

And also;

It was also narrated by Hazrat A’ishah (Radhi Allahu Anha) that “If any of his family members became ill, the Messenger of Allah (SallAllahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) would order that some broth be made. And he would say: ‘It consoles the grieving heart and cleanses the ailing heart, as anyone of you cleanses her face of dirt with water.’” (Sunan Ibn Majah Book 31, Hadith 3571. Classed as Hasan by Darussalam.)

On one instance Hazrat A’ishah (Radhi Allahu Anha) said, “I heard the Holy Prophet saying,

‘The Talbina gives rest to the heart of the patient and makes it active and relieves some of his sorrow and grief.” Sahih Al Bukhari.

The miracle of Talbina as food:

  • It is highly beneficial as it has effects on bodily and mental illnesses such as depression and sadness because of the presence of minerals like potassium and magnesium that have an effect on neurotransmitters that help reduce depression situations.
  • Talbina is more effective for the treatment of Type 2 diabetics.
  • Talbina helpful in a treatment of Cancer.
  • Delays aging.
  • Talbina reduces inflammation of the prostate duct.
  • Talbina relieves osteoporosis.
  • Talbina also strengthens the stomach, fights typhoid, diarrhea, constipation, and inflammation of the stomach, bladder, and colon.
  • Talbina is a remedy for sick heart and lowers the cholesterol.


Here is the recipe how to make this powerful food that was introduced very long ago. It is delicious and highly beneficial and nutritious served hot in the mornings for breakfast with a drizzle of honey and dry fruits.


Barley -1/2 cup

Milk -1 litre

Dates -10 to 15 (deseeded)

Honey – (as much sweetness desired)

Green Cardamom powder- 1/2 tsp

Almond – 2 tbsp (chopped)

Pistachio -2 tbsp (chopped)


STEP 1: Wash the pearl barley in running water till the water runs clear

STEP 2: Pour 1/2 cup of barley into 1 litre of milk

STEP 3: Stir on low heat until porridge-like consistency is reached.

STEP 4: Add dates and continue stirring. Add dates or sweeten with honey or both. It depends on your taste.

STEP 5: Add Cardamom powder

STEP6: Garnish with chopped almonds and pistachio.

Enjoy it as a drink or kheer.