Scientists identify five `distinct` prostate cancers

Washington: A new study has found the types of different prostate cancers and explained the factors that differ one from another.

The study conducted by Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute and Addenbrooke’s Hospital examined abnormal chromosomes and measured the activity of 100 different genes linked to the disease, and grouped the tumours into five distinct types, each with a characteristic genetic fingerprint.

Dr. Alastair Lamb, the author of the study said that their study findings showed that prostate cancer could be classified into five genetically-different types and would help doctors in deciding on the best course of treatment for each individual patient, based on the characteristics of their tumour.

Lamb added that they would further do some studies to drill down into the molecular “nuts and bolts” of each specific prostate cancer type so that doctors might develop more effective ways to treat prostate cancer patients in the future.

The study is published today in EBioMedicine. (ANI)