Scientists discover largest dinosaur in Brazil

Brasilia: Brazilian scientists have announced the discovery of the largest dinosaurs ever found in the country, an animal that was 25 meters long.

The dinosaur, named “Austroposeidon magnificus,” belonged to the group of titanosaurs, which were herbivorous dinosaurs with a well-developed body, a long neck and tail and a relatively small skull, according to scientists at Rio de Janeiro’s Earth Sciences Museum, Xinhua news agency reported.

It is believed that these dinosaurs lived during the Cretaceous Period (145-66 million years ago) in regions that are currently part of South America, Africa, Antarctica and Oceania.

Fossilized vertebrae of the dinosaur was found in the 1950s by Brazilian paleontologist Llewellyn Ivor Price, who died in 1980 without being acknowledged for this discovery.

Since then, the fossil had been analyzed and studied until the discovery was finally announced on Wednesday.