Scientific research in universities a neglected area: Hamid Ansari

New Delhi: Vice President Hamid Ansari on Tuesday said development of scientific and technological research in the universities has remained neglected in our policies.

Ansari said: “One crucial area has remained neglected while formulating our science and technological policies, and that has been the development of our universities, particularly science and technology research in the universities.”

The Vice President was speaking at the launch here of a festschrift on Ashok Parthasarathi, titled “A Lifetime of Moulding Technology and Science Policy in India”.

“I hope subsequent science and technology policy formulations will keep in focus the central role the universities can play as the seats of innovation and idea factories for the nation,” he said.

Professor Ashok Parthasarthi is one of India’s best known science and technology planners. A physics teacher, he trained as an astro-physicist, working with the likes of Martin Ryle.

“This festschrift, which delineates various aspects of his contributions to the moulding of India’s science and technology policy, is a fitting tribute.

“I think this present volume is timely and will inform the national debate on the need for developing a scientific temper and formulation of a new science and technology policy in the country,” Ansari added.