Science blessing of God, students urged to give more time to research

Mr. Amer Ali Khan news editor Siasat urged students to engage themselves in scientific studies because it is the field in which the more you research the more knowledge you get. Students should take interest in this subject and strive incessantly. Science is the blessing of God, he said. He was addressing parents and students after watching the National Science Fair conducted at Mount Mercy High School, Brindavan Colony, Tolichowki. Iqbalia High School, Focus High School, Imam Baksh Memorial High School, Genius Grammar High School, Crescent High school, Insight International School, Alliance International School and other schools besides Mount Mercy School demonstrated their talent by presenting various Science models.

Mr. Amer Ali Khan was amazed to see ‘Under Water Fire and Fire in Hand’ model demonstrated by a student. He asserted that the knowledge given by Quran to Prophet Mohammed (SAW) 1400 years ago regarding sky, earth, water and soil is now accepted by science. He exhorted the students to read Quran and lives of Prophet Mohammed (SAW) and his Companions (RAA) and do research in scientific field.

Prof. Moin Ansari Palmer University (Chicago), Fatima Farooqui, Syed Abdul Mutakabbir Director Mount Mercy School also addressed on the occasion. Students who participated in the science fare were given cash prize for their presentation.

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