Schoolbag shop owners wait anxiously as Telangana govt mulls school reopening

Hyderabad: With schools in Telangana likely to reopen after several weeks of COVID-19 lockdown from July 1, makers and sellers of schoolbags in the state are hopeful that business will resume as usual and they be able to recover financial losses.

May and June are the only two earning months for those who rely on the school bag business, and it has been hard for many as they have faced severe losses. Speaking to ANI, Tajuddin Salim, who works at a wholesale schoolbag shop said, “The lockdown was imposed exactly when our main earning months started. We have suffered severe losses. For the last 15 months, we couldn’t earn anything. We were unable to pay the rent for the shops or salary of our workers.”

However, authorities are still going over the decision to reopen schools in the state from July 1 and the decision is yet to be finalized.

Those in the schoolbag business hope that business will be back on track, at least for now.

Many still fear that the educational institutes may be forced to shut down again in the coming months.

 “If schools reopen we’re hopeful that business will come back on track. This COVID-19 lockdown has brought so many financial losses. Maybe in another few weeks lockdown will have to be imposed again.

We just hope schools open soon,” said Mohammad Tajuddin, another shop owner “As the lockdown has been lifted, we are hoping that our business will be back on track after the schools reopen,” he added.