This school segregate Hindu-Muslim student in separate sections

NEW DELHI: Students belonging to Hindu and Muslim communities have been segregated in different sections, The Indian Express reported on Wednesday.

According to reports, a group of teachers employed at the BJP-controlled the North Delhi Municipal Corporation has alleged the students of the primary school in Delhi’s Wazirabad deliberately segregated in separate sections based on religion.

The disturbing development of reshuffling of sections comes after CB Singh Sehrawat, a teacher was put in charge on July 2 following the transfer of the principal.

Indian Express analyze the attendance record of October 9, of students at the North MCD Boys’ School, Wazirabad village, Gali Number 9 that show the section-wise break up of students:

  • Class IA: 36 Hindus, IB: 36 Muslims
  • Class IIA: 47 Hindus, IIB: 26 Muslims and 15 Hindus, IIC: 40 Muslims
  • Class IIIA: 40 Hindus, IIIB: 23 Hindus and 11 Muslims, IIIC: 40 Muslims, IIID: 14 Hindus and 23 Muslims
  • Class IVA: 40 Hindus, IVB: 19 Hindus and 13 Muslims, IVC: 35 Muslims, IVD: 11 Hindus and 24 Muslims
  • Class VA: 45 Hindus, VB: 49 Hindus, VC: 39 Muslims and 2 Hindus, VD: 47 Muslims

An unidentified source in the school told The Indian Express that reshuffling was done after Sehrawat took over as in-charge. When some teachers protested the move, he responded with aggression and told thems to do their “assigned jobs”.

When asked about the division, Sehrawat denied the allegation and told the newspaper, “Reshuffling of sections is a standard procedure which happens in all schools,” adding “some children are vegetarian, so there may be differences, and so on. We need to look after the interests of all teachers and students,” he said.

After the incident came to light, officials from the education department instructed to visit the school and look into the allegation.

Even parents of the students are unaware of the alleged segregation.