“We are more scared of cow vigilantes than new rules” say meat traders

Bangalore: As the Union Government has notified new rules for the sale of cattle, meat traders are fearful of increasing attacks by vigilantes.

“We are more scared of cow vigilantes than the new rules”, meat traders said on Saturday. They have doubts that the vigilante groups may take advantage of the critical situation, as per a report by Indian Express.

The Centre has banned the trade of cattle for slaughter at animal markets across the country. Cattle include bulls, cows, buffaloes, steers, heifers and camels.

“Nobody knows what the government notification is all about. But we are now in fear of getting attacked by cow vigilantes,” Khasim Fazduar Rehman, a meat seller at the Beef and Poultry Market at Shivajinagar said.

“Many meat traders have paid money to get cattle for slaughter (for Ramzan), but the situation looks scary for the transportation as some people may extort money in the name of cow protection,” he added.

Beef traders in Shivajinagar, Johnson Market, Frazer Town and many other places say the new rules would significantly harm their businesses.

Karnataka Beef and Poultry Markets Association president, Khasim Ejaz Ahmed Kureshi said a delegation would meet Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Sunday to discuss the issue before deciding the next step. He said more than 10 lakh people are employed in the meat industry in the state.

“Cattle are first taken to veterinary inspectors and we slaughter them once we get the approval. We do not use the animals which are unfit for slaughter”, said another meat trader Zaidur.