SC says won’t cancel Odd-Even rule

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Thursday refused the urgent hearing of a plea challenging the High Court judgement and Delhi Government’s notification on the Odd-Even formula and ruled that the experiment will not be cancelled.

Terming the plea as a ‘publicity stunt’, the Supreme Court said, “People are dying due to pollution. We are doing car-pooling and you want to challenge it.”

The Delhi High Court had earlier this week said that it would not cut short the trial.

The Supreme Court however, rejected the appeal of a lawyer who asked that the odd-even run be aborted.

Critics of the odd-even policy say Delhi does not have enough public transport to allow a smooth commute if the use of cars is restricted; others claim the air quality in the city has not shown any major improvement.

Pollution levels in Delhi regularly cross more than 10 times the World Health Organization’s safe limits. (ANI)