SC and Minority outfits announce boycott of Azam Khan

New Delhi:A clutch of scheduled caste and minority outfits today announced the “boycott” of Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan over his controversial remarks on B R Ambedkar while demanding an “unconditional apology” from him.

The decision, taken by four organisations including the the South Asian Minorities Lawyer’s Association, was announced at a press conference here, where their representatives unequivocally condemned Khan’s remarks.

“The Constitution of India, which acts as a safeguard for the rights of the oppressed, downtrodden and women, owes its origin to Ambedkar. Azam Khan is a politician who can go to any extent to remain in headlines,” Mehmood Pracha of South Asian Minorities Lawyer’s Association said.

The other organisations, party to the decision to boycott Khan are Samata Sainik Dal, Anjuman-e-Hyderi and Bhagwan Valmiki Foundation.

Khan, without naming Ambedkar, had recently said that “the statue (of Ambedkar) pointing its finger into the distance seems to say that not only does it own the plot of land on which it stands, but also the one towards which it points its finger.”

Pracha said the statement reflects Khan’s mentality as it is he who “thinks about capturing plots and lands all the time”. Khan has crossed all lines of decency through such derogatory remarks, he said.

“So we have come together to punish and shame him. We will not let him enter the boundaries of Delhi. If he does, we will blacken his face. But we will not break any law and let it happen peacefully,” he said.