SC lashes out at NIA on ‘love jihad’ propaganda

It is said that ‘justice is blind’. Which means that justice is impartial and objective. When we talk about justice a statue for justice, wearing a blindfold comes into our mind which symbolizes an ideal that extraneous factors should not influence the justice system in a country; everyone is equal before the law. But in some cases, the justice removes its blindfold and see which religion the person belongs to. As was done in the case of Hadiya where Kerala High Court made the decision on the love marriage of Hadiya and Safin, a blot on the justice. Surprisingly the Kerala High Court declared the marriage of a mature 24-year-old educated girl’s decision to marry a Muslim boy as illegal, terming it as love jihad and forced her to live with her parents away from her husband.

The girl’s parents at first cunningly declared the marriage as love jihad then tried to link their son-in-law with terrorists to separate him with their daughter. Despite learning girl’s version, the high court didn’t permit her to live with her husband and labelling it as love jihad, asked NIA to probe the husband’s links with terrorists. This was the first marriage of free India where girl’s maturity was not taken into consideration.

However, in a historic judgment, the Supreme Court said the NIA can continue its investigation, but cannot question the legitimacy of the marriage of Hadiya.