SC bans five chemicals used for manufacturing crackers

Hyderabad: The Supreme Court put a ban on five chemicals, that are hazardous to environment and life. The ban was sought by the Central Pollution Control Board and will come immediately into effect.

The chemicals, lithium, antimony, mercury, arsenic and lead are considered to be harmful. The Pollution Control Board Telangana is yet to receive directives on how the use and sale of these chemicals and crackers must be regulated, reports Deccan Chronicle.

Senior scientist Babu Rao from IICT has praised the ruling. “These chemicals are heavy metals and when they burn they vapourise and mix with the air. Chemicals like mercury, once in the air, cannot be removed in any way,” he said.

These chemicals are added to increase the sparkling, smoking and colouring properties of the crackers. They float in the air, then condense and enter water sources. They cause cardiovascular abnormalities, hypertension, skin cancer etc.

“These chemicals are extremely costly and not easily available. So if any small scale manufacturing is happening, it can be regulated,” said Mr Raveendhar, senior scientist at the Pollution Control Board.

According to retailers and wholesalers in the city, Sivakashi in Tamil Nadu is the only place where such chemicals are used and so regulation will be easy.

“We have very small stocks of Rs 30,000-40,000, which will be used soon. If we get crackers without these chemicals we will push for their sale,” said Mr Rajesh of Bhagya Rekha Crackers.