Say What! Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry is in Mumbai

Say What! Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry is in Mumbai

New Delhi: If you are in Mumbai and absolutely in love with Halle Berry for her extraordinary acting skills, then you might bump into the actress while walking down the streets of Mumbai.

The ‘Die Another Day’ actress is in Mumbai and her latest posts on Instagram confirm it. The first picture shows a Mumbai skyline unlike the ones we usually see in glossy travel magazines.

She captioned the snap, “Caught a sunrise in Mumbai today.”

The geo-tag above the phone confirms the ‘Bond Girl’ is indeed in India’s home to the Hindi film industry.

Later, the ‘Monster’s Ball’ actress shared another photo where she is clearly seen walking on the streets of Mumbai, with her back to the camera, completely unnoticed by the passers-by.

“Take time to get lost today,” she captioned the image.

Her connection with India goes back in time when she wore a saree, henna and bangles in her film ‘Cloud Atlas’, which also starred Tom Hanks.

Berry was last seen in Matthew Vaughn’s ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ alongside Colin Firth, and Luis Prieto’s ‘Kidnap’. (ANI)