Say no to hair woes!

New Delhi: As people are getting busy with their hectic work schedule – with little to no time left for self-care and pampering – hair fall is increasingly becoming a common problem.

The problem arises due to extreme levels of stress, insufficient sleeping, and overexposure to dust and air pollution in the city air. Along with the external factors playing a spoilsport in one’s hair health, there are some internal aspects too; especially the lower levels of metabolism that are greatly responsible for the degeneration of hair.

Here are some tips by Mohamad Yusuf N Shaikh of Kudrati Ayurved Health Center and Saumya Shatakshi of Healthians, which can help you in rejuvenating the health of scalp and hair.

-Take care of the dietary woes: Deficiency of vitamin D3, vitamin B12, protein, and deficiency of essential minerals, excess of vitamin A, malfunctioning of the thyroid gland, fungal infections, and irregular periods or early menopause in women are some of the most common causes of hair fall. Besides, chronic diseases like cancer and tuberculosis (TB) may also destroy the hair and scalp health. So, make sure to have a healthy diet with all the essential nutrients in adequate quantities to keep all the hair problems, especially that of hair fall, at bay.

-Ensure intake of plenty of fluids: Not drinking enough fluids is certainly bad for your hair. We need to understand that drinking eight glasses of water a day is not just another myth, but is a medically proven solution to curb many health ailments, including eliminating the excess greasiness in hair and providing much-needed moisture to the dry scalp. This ultimately reduces the chances of having dandruff which forms the basis of hair fall issue.

-Protection from the harm: It is also important to be extra careful about the other influences that might be impacting your hair’s health. Excessive styling with blow dryers, strengtheners, curlers and other hair colouring chemicals can strip the hair out of its natural lustre and damage the hair follicles to a great extent.

-Be regular with oil therapies: A gentle massage with hot oil can do wonders in controlling the hair loss problem. Ranging all the way from tea tree essential to lavender and rosemary essential, there is a huge variety of oils available for the hot oil treatment. The treatment will not only moisten the scalp but will also provide it with the essential natural oils thus, strengthening the hair from within. For quick and effective results, make sure to do this oil therapy at least once or twice a week.

-Make yoga and meditation a habit: Along with handling the stress issues, yoga and meditation also promote blood and oxygen circulation to the scalp.

The enhanced blood circulation in the head region helps in maintaining strength, hygiene and overall health of the hair. Regular practice of forward-bending asanas and twice-a-day meditation therapies are recommended for positive results.