Savour aam biryani and aam murg korma at this special mango festival in the City of Nawabs

Lucknow: The mouth-watering ‘biryani’ synonymous with the City of Nawabs will soon acquire a fruity flavour with a dash of mango being added to the aromatic dish. ‘Aam biryani’, ‘murg-aam’ and ‘aam-murg korma’ will be among the many other dishes prepared from mango, the king of fruits.

These will be available during a three-day mango festival being organised by the Uttar Pradesh Toursim Department in Lucknow from July 7. “A three-day mango festival is being organised by the tourism department to promote mango growers and mango product manufacturers,” Principal Secretary, Tourism, Awanish Kumar Awasthi said today.

A number of other dishes prepared from mango like ‘aam malai tikka’, ‘aam shahi paneer’ and ‘aam kaleji’ will be laid on the table at the event. There will be no disappointment for the taste buds of pure vegetarians as there will be many mango dishes for them to savour.

Competitions such as mango eating, cooking, ‘shayari’ on mango and story telling on mango will also be held in these days to make the event memorable and enjoyable.

Mutton and chicken biryani is a cuisine native to the city of Lucknow where the cooking patterns, greatly influenced by Mughal cooking techniques, are similar to those of Central Asia and the Middle East.

You can definitely not miss this festival if you’re a mango lover or biryani. Lucknow serves the best biryani in India and having a mango festival with ‘Aam Biryani’ is something you just cannot miss!