Save Tiger: Animal Planet joins hands with L-T Metro Rail Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: Animal Planet, India’s No. 1 Wildlife channel, has joined hands with L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) Limited (L&TMRHL) to sensitize citizens of Hyderabad about the importance of Tiger Conservation.

Starting February 13, 2019 for a month, Animal Planet & L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad will be running a campaign highlighting the alarming situation of global tiger population in the wild which has fallen by 96 per cent over the last century.

Speaking about the initiative, Zulfia Waris, Vice President, Premium & Digital networks, Discovery Communications India, said, “Tigers – the revered specie, is in real danger of getting extinct. It is disturbing to know that as few as 3,900 are left in the wild across the world.”

She added, “With almost 57 per cent of them in India, it is imperative that every Indian is sensitised about this fact so that more and more of them can join hands with us in our endeavor to double the size of tiger population by 2022. I am delighted that L&T Hyderabad Metro has joined forces with us in this important initiative.”

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KVB Reddy, MD & CEO, L&TMRHL said, “Hyderabad Metro Rail Project is the world’s largest Public Private Project in the sector. Our cumulative ridership has crossed more than 43 million and we are happy that Hyderabad has embraced metro rail as a comfortable, convenient, fast, safe and eco-friendly travel mode. L&TMRHL is committed to social causes and initiatives and has been involved in many such activities.

When Discovery approached us to join hands with an aim to create awareness about tiger conservation, we readily accepted it as we truly believe in the cause of tiger conservation. This initiative will play a crucial role in ensuring that the citizens of Hyderabad become aware about the alarming situation of decreasing tiger population and be sensitive towards the global conservation project. I am glad that lakhs of our metro rail passengers who travel everyday will learn about the campaign, and I am sure will pass on this important message far and wide.”

As part of the WWF partnership launched in 2016, Discovery’s Project C.A.T. program funds nearly two million acres of protected habitat in India and Bhutan to protect and increase the wild tiger population.

In 2018, Discovery further increased the ambit of Project C.A.T. by extending support to WWF for Tiger conservation initiatives in Sundarbans forest located in the coastal region of Bay of Bengal. Leading Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma has also joined hands with Discovery to promote the global awareness movement to save tigers from extinction.

Animal Planet has always been at the forefront of promoting conservation of wild animals. The channel recently showcased the Second Season of Mission Big Cat – An anthology of shows dedicated to Big Cats.

The programming, which included world-class series like Big Cat Legacy, Jaguar Super Cats, Vanishing Kings II, Extinct or Alive, Queen Of The Hunt and Brazil Super Cats, showcased the largest feline predator at their majestic best.
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