SAVE OSMANIA GENERAL HOSPITAL campaign by NRI’s :Zahyr Siddiqi

The existing Osmania General Hospital   edifice should not be touched in all probability, rather the existing main historical structure should be conserved n preserved with all respect, honesty n responsibility as a national duty of all the Hyderabad’s citizens irrespective to caste creed n religiosity.

The demand of time is for more space befitting the modern medical technologies to safe guard public health requirement. The science of architecture has all the solutions for humanity till the eternities.

Plan n construct a new annex (multi-storied) next to the existing historical edifice n integrate the new with the old to convey the integration of yesterday with today for tomorrow.

Let the architectural grandeur of the existing edifice (picture below) be the guiding force to challenge the future Hyd architects to match their design ingenuity for the new annex to rise n achieve the required architectural monumental scale with excellence.

Simply breaking an existing monuments for any apparent reasons is a mischief prone intentions which should be condemned by all Hyderabadi’s of all background.

e entire history of Osmanian architectural characteristics of Hyd but the advent of TS Govt came on time as blessing in disguise!

I am sure the real n sane people of TS/Hyd will understand this challenges n rise to the occasion to resolve n build yet another integrated architectures for future developments in the TS/Hyd region.

All the AP moles n sympathizer should b rightly advised to search for opportunity elsewhere n leave Hyd for its sons of soil to continue where it was stopped during the mid 50’s.

I pray Hyd should remain n retain its monumental architectural grandeur for ever as true identity of Hyd n it’s ever progressive people, amen