Save Bison Polo protest at Gymkhana ground

HYDERABAD: It is about a year & a half back that a group of extremely concerned citizens essentially from Secunderabad got together to raise their objection to the State Govt’s proposal for a new Secretariat, a new Assembly building & an auditorium on the open Gymkhana Grounds & Bison Polo Grounds.These are part of the twin city’s heritage.

Generations of youth have played various sports & some have graduated into famous sports personalities. Such play grounds are necessary in every city & town to promote the culture of playing various types of sports. The very thought of losing these grounds were unacceptable.

Those living in Hyderabad too have joined the group. The group members have been thinking of ways to impress upon the State Govt to stay away from such a singularly incorrect decision especially when the old Secretariat, the Assembly building & the Harihara Kalabhavan already exist. They only need some repair & renovation & along with a few alterations, they could become like new buildings.

But, the State govt has been adamant & has been negotiating with the Defence Ministry & the Defence Minister to take the open grounds & offering the Army bigger space in lieu of these grounds. The Citizens have signed several petitions & written & signed post cards & sent to the honourable PM to not take these open grounds for building structures which will actually not be required at all as old ones are fine.

The sea saw between the State Govt & the citizens continue. We are of the opinion that politicians cannot take arbitrary decisions against the wishes of the citizens & go ahead with their sinister plans. The group of concerned citizens are meet

The group of concerned citizens are meeting at the Gymkhana Grounds periodically. Young children & youth are being spoken to & made aware of the dangerous plans in place to take away their grounds.

The awareness among citizens of all ages is growing & more & more citizens & sportspersons are joining the Save Bison Polo Ground group to carry the message forward to save the grounds which help a lot of rain water to percolate into the ground & improve the ground water table. The State gove

About 500 people including school children, athletes, walkers, cricketers, police training youth, Football players and parents and supporters protest against the State government’s decision.