Saudia Airline issues strict dress code advisory for passengers

RIYADH: For all those passengers taking its flights to Saudi Arabia, the national carrier Saudia Airlines announced a strict dress code, BBC reported.

The airlines placed the details of its dress code on its website stating that it will refuse to fly travelers that are not “clothed in a manner would cause discomfort or offence to other passengers.”

In a statement, the airline has explicitly mentioned that “women exposing legs or arms; or wearing too thin; or too tight clothes,” and for men, it says, “men wearing shorts exposing legs” will not be allowed on flights to or from Saudi Arabia.

“SAUDIA may refuse to transport passengers, or may remove passengers from the flight at any point for not complying with its dress code,” the statement added.

Speaking to Saudi Makkah newspaper, Riyadh’s former head of the tourism and health sector, Ali Al Ghamdi, said that the rules don’t just apply to the exclusive to country’s Saudia Airlines, and are general rules issued by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The passengers who were unaware of the restrictions before flying had to either “buy new clothes at the airport”, or in some cases “cancel their flights”.