Saudi Woman sues husband for tapping her phone

Jeddah: A woman has sued her husband to listen to the other’s phone conversations through recordings at the home phone. The case was filed in Jeddah court, and has forwarded it to the reconciliation committee. Spying on a spouse is forbidden in Islam.

The wife, said in her statement that.”Her husband secretly installed a machine that recorded all incoming and outgoing calls through the fixed line telephone in the house”.

The wife said. “The court should declare the action of the husband criminal for listening to her phone calls to her parents and friends. She uses the fixed line in the home because of the bad communication on her mobile phone,” she said in the lawsuit.

The husband denied the claim and said his intention was not to spy on his wife, and but to monitor the calls of the domestic helper.

Lawyer Khaled Abu Rashed said . “The action of a spouse to listen to the other’s phone conversations through recordings or any modern methods is considered a crime and spying, and could invite a hefty fine because the court has to consider both public and private rights of the aggrieved”.

He said the same penalties would apply if someone tries to access information or photographs for the purposes of blackmail and extortion.

He said checking out your spouse’s phone without his or her consent because you suspect some indiscretion could cost you a whopping SR500,000 fine, a year in jail, or both.