Saudi woman loses court battle to marry a musician

A Saudi woman has lost a judicial battle to marry the man of her choice as a court deemed him “religiously” unfit because he plays a musical instrument.

It is believed that a man who plays a musical instrument is considered of inferior status and having a bad reputation in some parts of the Kingdom.

Two years ago a man asked for the hand of the woman, a 38-year-old bank manager, but her family objected, saying he was not “religiously fit” with her because he played the musical instrument, which is popular across the Arab world.

The woman took her case to the court, and the lower court weighed in on the side of the family, saying the marriage could not go through. The court said, “because the suitor plays a musical instrument he is unsuitable for the woman from a religious point of view.”

The woman said she will seek intervention from the country’s “highest authorities”, a reference to the royal court.

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