Saudi sculptor commends progress of arts in Kingdom

Jeddah, July 7 – Muhammad Al-Thaqafi, the Saudi winner of an Oscar at the Cairo International Biennale for his sculpture entitled “Hats off to the Martyr”, said his prize shows the huge development of art in the Kingdom.
“Competition was fierce at this big event because many prominent sculptors from different countries participated. Competing with 100 sculptors, both Arab and international, and winning the Oscar was a great honor for me,” said Al-Thaqafi.
He added that many Saudi sculptors have won several global prizes and their work was appreciated and praised by great sculptors all over the world.
Al-Thaqafi’s sculpture depicts child martyrs killed needlessly in wars, protests and revolutions in the Arab world and around the world. It shows the dead body of a child sculpted out of rock and placed into a mold covered with plastic to symbolize the transparent souls and innocence of children. The sculpture was studded with photos of children who were victims of wars and revolutions around the world. They were shown as if asking why they were killed.
Al-Thaqafi is a prominent Saudi sculptor who has won several prizes in the Kingdom and the Arab world. He has participated in more than 40 exhibitions in the Kingdom and 15 in the Arab world.
Immediately after winning the Oscar, Al-Thaqafi was invited by the French Autumn Salon (Salon d’Automne) for a one-month sculpture workshop and an art exhibition in his name.