Saudi Arabia permits loudspeakers outside for Friday prayers

Riyadh: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia‘s Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance on Sunday permitted the use of external loudspeakers for Friday and Eid prayers (Eid Al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha), local media reported.

The ministry has issued directives to all branches of the ministry and all mosque employees and support staff.

Last Monday, the minister of Islamic affairs, Abdullatif Al-Sheikh, issued a circular limiting the use of external loudspeakers to only use the loudspeakers for Azaan (call for prayer) and iqamah (the second call for the congregational prayer).

He added that the decision indicates that “the loudness level of the devices should not exceed one-third of the degree of the loudspeaker device.”

The new directive allows for the use of an external loudspeaker that is mounted on the mosque wall and is directed towards the worshipers standing in rows outside the mosque so that they can hear the sermon and prayers on Fridays and during the two Eids.

The objective is to hear the imam’s voice while delivering the sermon and leading the worshipers in prayer, especially for those who pray outside the mosque.

Saudi minister defends order to reduce volume in mosque loudspeakers :

Saudi minister of Islamic affairs Abdullatif Al-Sheikh defended on Monday an order to lower the loudspeaker in mosques, saying that families complain that loud loudspeakers keep their children awake.

The minister defended the controversial order limiting the volume of mosque loudspeakers, saying it came due to complaints of excessive noise.

In a video clip broadcast by the state-run Al-Akhbariya channel, the Minister of Islamic Affairs, Abdul Latif Al-Sheikh, said that the changes responded to complaints from the public about the high-pitched voice, including elderly people and parents whose children could not sleep continuously.

“He who has the desire to pray does not wait for the imam to enter and say the takbeer and hear his voice, he is supposed to go to the mosque,” he said, adding that there are also several television channels that broadcast prayers.

The sheik said that criticism of this policy is being spread by “enemies of the kingdom” who “want to stir up public opinion.”

The ministry explained that it is closely monitoring, through its supervisors and its official platforms on social media, all the directives it issues regarding the care of mosques and worshipers, and the provision of all needs so that worshipers can perform their prayers with sincerity and tranquility and peace of mind.

As reported by Saudi Gazette, it stressed that the directives contained in the circular issued to all branches of the ministry in all regions of the Kingdom are still valid, and they require restricting the use of external loudspeakers to make the call to prayer (inviting the believers to the congregation). Prayer) and performing the prayer (the second call to prayer in congregation) only.

These instructions are based on the objectives of implementing the Sharia, as indicated by the verses of the Holy Qur’an, the sayings of the Prophet (peace be upon him), and the fatwas issued by several religious scholars.