Saudi-led coalition admits wrongdoing in Saada attack

Riyadh: Saudi-led coalition involved in a Yemen war Saturday admitted the wrongdoing in an airstrike that targeted Yemeni city Saada, pledging to hold those responsible accountable, Al Arabiya reported.

The coalition accepted the findings of the Joint Incidents Assessment Team (JIAT) on the attack that took place on August 9 in Saada, including the mistakes in compliance with the Rules of Engagement regarding the strike.

The Joint Forces Command of the Coalition expressed regret over the mistakes, extended its sympathies, condolences and solidarity to the families of the victims, and announced its acceptance of the results and findings of the JIAT.

It obliged to revise and enhance its Rules of Engagement, according to operational lessons learned, in order to guarantee non-recurrence of such incidents. It also assured that the victims would be compensated.

On August 9, a coalition airstrike hit a school bus in Yemen’s northern province of Saada, killing 51, including 40 children.

Saudi Arabia has led other Arab countries in the war in Yemen that completed its third year in March in support of the Yemeni exiled government against Houthi militias.