Saudi-led Arab coalition gives back Hadhramaut ports to Yemen’s forces

Hadhramaut [Yemen]: The Saudi Arabia-led Arab coalition gave back the management and coastal security of Hadhramaut ports to the Yemen Coast Guard.

Along with this, they also strengthened the Guard by supplying boats armed with weapons, communication devices and advanced radars, while the UAE provided patrol vehicles to the coast guards.

An official ceremony was held in Mukalla and was attended by several high-profile officials including Salem Ahmed Al Khanbashi, the Deputy Prime Minister of Yemen, Lt. Colonel Abdullah Al Zuwaidi, the Joint Task Force Commander of the Arab Coalition, Matthew Toller, the Ambassador of the United States to Yemen and Mohammed Saeed Al Jaber, the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Yemen amongst others, according to the Khaleej Times.

“Today, we are celebrating the readiness of the coast guard forces in Hadhramaut,” Al Zuwaidi mentioned at the event while mentioning that the coast guard boats damaged by the Al Qaeda have also been restored.

He further outlined that the Coalition has trained 26 Yemeni Coast Guard personnel and 398 recruits, along with equipping the Yemeni guard with 32 boats.

The 350-kilometre long Hadhramaut coast has seven major ports and several small harbours.

The Arab Coalition has been regularly clashing with the Houthi militia in the war-torn region which is currently facing a raging food crisis.

Several human rights organisations have called for the cessation of hostilities in the region and have asked the United States to take action to save Yemeni lives.