Saudi horror: Kafil and travel agent drive TS man to death

Hyderabad: Traumatised by the pressure put on him by his kafeel (employer), a 26-year-old youth from a poverty-stricken family from Hyderabad died under suspicious conditions in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

If this shocked the family of Shaik Ghouse, their travails have not ended as they are unable to get the body back to India. Shaik Ghouse was sent by an agent to Riyadh to work as a driver in 2019. Tragically, in less than a year he took his life on May 29.” claims Ghouse’s father.

“Only the previous day, Ghouse has sent us WhatsApp audio recordings about the problems he was facing and how was cheated by his Kafil, agent and other two members of his family, may due to this he may have committed suicide,” said Shaik Fareed, father of Shaik Ghouse told

What drove Ghouse to the point of suicide was that though he was employed as a worker at Sanad Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Ghouse stated in a voice recording that his kafeel, agent and two other members who called him to Saudi on the pretext providing a job were pestering him to do menial cleaning works. Ghouse also claimed that the two members and the agent who brought him there had a deal with the employer. If they wanted to go they should replace a worker on behalf of two of them who were also working in the hospital. Soon after he started working at the hospital the duo left to India.

Ghouse said in the recording before he died that the entire hospital, Kafil, travel agent, and those two are responsible for his death. He even mentioned that he belongs to a poor family as he was the only source of income for his family in Hyderabad. He has six sisters and my father is a vegetable vendor.

However, the very next morning, Ghouse was found dead at the hospital under suspicious conditions. To add to the woes of the family, the employer informed the family that all legal formalities had to be done after which the body would be sent back to the home. Till now the family of Ghouse is waiting for his dead body the family even lodged a complaint and contacted the PBSK helpline requesting for burial and the settlement of his son’s death. They demanded the Ministry of External Affairs for assistance and urged the Saudi and Indian government to help investigate the son’s death.