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Saudi groom wears fake eyelashes; marriage called off

Saudi groom wears fake eyelashes; marriage called off

Wearing fake eyelashes cost a Saudi groom his marriage as the bride’s family called off the engagement ceremony, a media report said today.

At the ceremony in Riyadh, the bride’s brother noticed that the groom was having tears in his eyes so he approached him to know if he had any problem.

At this, the groom removed the eyelashes and put them in his pocket. He explained that it was a actually a bet by his brothers to put the fake eyelashes, exactly like the bride did, Gulf News reported.

The brother-in-law, however, became very upset and swore that the engagement would be called off.

“My brother tried to calm him down and to explain that it was merely a joke. However, a few minutes later, the bride’s father and brothers asked him to leave the hall despite the presence of the marriage officers and guests,” the groom’s sister Nada was quoted as saying by Saudi news site Al Marsad.

“My family was not aware of what happened, but when we told our mother, she felt so bad that we had to go to a hospital. We have lost a bride because of the fake eyelashes challenge.

“It was a terrible evening for us all because of the stupidity of my brothers. They had challenged the groom to wear fake eyelashes in his engagement ceremony and as he did not want to lose the challenge, he did it,” she added.