Saudi Government’s amnesty scheme: 20,000 Indians to return

Chennai: Under 90 day amnesty period which Government of Saudi Arabia offered, more than 20,000 Indian workers stranded in Saudi Arabia likely to return. These workers are either travelled there illegally and overstayed their visas.

According to the news published in TOI, Anil Nautiyal, Counsellor at the Indian Embassy said that 20,321 Indian nationals had applied under amnesty scheme till Monday evening. These workers are mostly from Tamil Nadu, UP and Bihar.

Nautiyal also appealed to all Indians who are staying in Saudi Arabia illegally to avail the advantage of this offer to exit the country.  The number of workers are fewer than during the 2013 amnesty period, he added.

Talking on the facilities at embassy, he said that tents are arranged at embassy and consulate for the Indians and through the entire process, volunteers are assisting embassy officials.

Most of the workers, who had applied under the amnesty, expressed relief as they are able to return home.

Nautiyal further said that Saudi officials are providing passes to Indian national in the absence of passports along with exit visas. These documents are provided for free of cost. However, applicants have to pay the airfare.