Saudi doctors fifth best in world

RIYADH: As many as 326 Saudi doctors and physicians enrolled for fellowship programs in the United States in the past three years, indicating an increase in the number of trainees in that country over the years. Moreover, the outstanding performance of Saudi doctors makes them the fifth best in the world in terms of specialist graduate rankings.

According to the Saudi cultural attaché in Washington, Mohammad Al-Essa, another batch of 62 doctors recently joined the program after passing the required test in the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP).
Approximately 50,000 doctors of all nationalities around the world have applied for the same program, said the report, adding that the program ensures integrity and fair opportunities for all applicants based on advanced research and evaluation methods.
Al-Essa said that when Saudi doctors first started traveling to the US to train, only 10 fulfilled the requirements each year. However, Saudi graduates now rank fifth in terms of the number of doctors from each country graduating every year.
He congratulated the leadership of the program, indicating that this kind of success for the fourth year in a row demonstrates remarkable progress and is an expression of the country’s investment in its sons and daughters.
“In the future, we can see that the country will continue to have a large number of doctors and specialists in different medical professions,” Al-Essa said, adding that this reflects the provision of high quality primary medical programs across medical universities in the Kingdom. “In the future, Saudi Arabia may become a training destination for doctors from around the world.”
The Saudi attaché also hosted a reception for the new batch of Saudis physicians and doctors, recently. Speaking at the event, he said that the main reason to be proud today is that the Kingdom is progressing rapidly in the field of medical training.


–Courtesy “Arab News”