Saudi Crown Prince’s Vision 2030: Saudi men will have to text wives before divorcing them

Riyadh: A court ruling came into effect on Sunday requiring Saudi men to notify their wives before divorcing them. Aiming at divorces registered at courts by men who have not informed their wives that the union is over, Saudi Justice Minister Sheikh Waleed bin Mohammed al Samaani said that by notifying women of the change to their legal status, the text message system would bring transparency to the legal proceedings around divorce.

It was observed that in these cases, often referred to as secret divorces, women often end up missing out on alimony payments.

With this ruling of the court to notify women by text message of the end of their marriages, Arabian wives can no longer be divorced without their knowledge.

The adoption of the text message system is seen as the latest in a series of shifts designed to give women more freedoms. With this system, the Saudi women will no longer be the last to know they’ve been divorced.

Saudi lawyer Nisreen al-Ghamdi said, “the new measure ensures women get their rights when they’re divorced.”