Saudi Arabia’s famous Al-Baik opens its first branch in Dubai; foodies excited

Abu Dhabi: Al-Baik, Saudi Arabia’s popular fast-food brand has opened its first branch in the United Arab Emirates—at the Dubai Mall on Wednesday.

The outlet in Dubai is the fourth launch following the launch of three branches in Bahrain in late 2020.

The new 355 square meter restaurant will offer a wide selection of chicken, seafood, grilled dishes and vegetarian options.

It is located in the food court of the Dubai Mall, and it’s been three days, people flocked to it, as thousands lined up to experience the much hyped shop.

The brand opened over 50 years ago in Saudi Arabia and has since developed a cult following after acquiring a few fast food places.

Al-Baik was founded in Jeddah in 1974 by  Shakkour Abu Ghazalah and since then it has garnered a large following and has always maintained its no-frills but high-quality spirit, centered around a famous secret recipe of 18 spices.

While Abu Ghazalah is no longer with us, his sons have maintained this in accordance with their father’s legacy.

The number of Al-Baik restaurants has increased to more than 120 branches, confirming that foods that are distinguished by their quality can combine exceptional taste and outstanding value, to provide delicious dishes that everyone can enjoy.

The launch was organized in association with ServQuest, a company by Abu Dhabi National holding company, which it said is “dedicated to operating and expanding Al Baik across the seven Emirates”.

As per media reports, CEO of ServQuest, Karim Hajjali, said: “Many visitors to Saudi Arabia return with fond memories of ALBAIK. Likewise, Saudis and former residents in the Kingdom living overseas will often find themselves craving for ALBAIK dishes. We are proud to partner with this much-loved brand on its long-awaited arrival to the UAE and are delighted to introduce diners in Dubai to the unmistakable taste of one of the Kingdom’s unmissable culinary treats.”

Speaking to, Indian expatriate living in UAE, Zafar Akbar said expressing his joy for the launch of the Al-Baik restaurant, he dated back to 1977 when he first tasted “Al Baik was introduced to me by my brother on my first visit to Jeddah naming it “ BROAST” as a full meal with its condiments. I never missed ever since on each of my business trip or pilgrimage. Another speciality is the consistency of taste at any branch, any season and anytime of the day or night.”

He also said, “I can’t wait to get it after so long, fresh quality flavored juicy chicken and served with sauces and creamy buns are cooked within a few minutes of waiting.”

Since its opening, the news is doing rounds on the internet, netizens have circulated on social media and are excited about the launch of the first Emirates branch.