Saudi Arabia: Uyghur American politician’s father detained for wearing T-shirt in support of ‘East Turkistan’

Makkah: Saudi Arabian police on Wednesday detained Uyghur American politician Salih Hudayar’s father Setiwaldi Abdukadir in Makkah for wearing a T-shirt in support of ‘East Turkistan’.

The T-shirt carries a message, “Pray for the end of China’s Genocide and Occupation in East Turkistan”.  After the detainment, Hudayar urged US Mission to KSA to secure the release of his father.

Sharing the tweet, East Turkistan Government in Exile wrote, ” We see this a direct effort by Saudi Arabian authorities to appease China. Praying for the end of China’s genocide in East Turkistan is an obligation of all Muslims and is the least that Muslims can do. We urge @KSAmofaEN to immediately free Mr. Abdukadir”.

China continues to suppress Uyghurs

Recently, a media report claimed that China has created fresh internal and external mechanisms to further monitor and control the Uyghur population in the Western province of Xinjiang by instituting a new system of involving ‘managers’ who are responsible for monitoring Uyghur households, creating fake families from the Han Chinese majority.

China has implemented a three-pronged strategy for Xinjiang which involves, firstly, the deployment of managers, responsible for at least ten Uyghur households. Next, fake families from the Han Chinese majority, whose job is to monitor Uyghur households and finally, Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission (CPLAC) of the Communist Party of China (CPC) which oversees the entire strategy, the report mentioned.

The increasing number of detentions in Tibet and Xinjiang became a cause for concern in the world. Beijing continues to bully its minorities not only within China but all over the world.