Saudi Arabia to launch new procedures for recruitment sans brokers

Riyadh: The kingdom of Saudi Arabia plans to introduce a new procedure in the recruitment process for domestic workers in the near future where brokers will have no role, according to the ministry of human resources and social development. 

The ministry is currently working on a new experiment called “Equal Recruitment Journey”, a mechanism that completely eliminates brokers and issues visas to domestic workers after contracting with offices.

“The unified contract system defines all the rights and duties of each party in the contractual process, including employer, worker and owner of the recruitment office,” the sources said.

“All the details of the licensed offices and companies are available on the Musaned website, which also consists of the evaluation of former clients of the recruitment offices and recruitment fees,” the ministry said.

The ministry warned Saudi citizens and migrants against some misleading recruitment advertisements.

Citing the percentage of commitments made by recruitment offices and companies to document contracts, the ministry said that the percentage of commitments reached about 99 per cent of documented contracts during the first quarter of 2021.

The ministry stressed that in case of cancellation within five days of signing the contract, 40 per cent of the contract price will be paid to the client as cancellation penalty and the owner of the recruitment office will refund the client within and will have two weeks to cancel the contract. 

The ministry said that the client has the right to cancel the contract within 120 days after signing the contract if the worker fails to arrive, and he is entitled to receive a sum equal to 15 per cent of the contract value, which is a penalty, will be imposed as from the recruitment office.