Saudi Arabia to host Mideast green initiative summit

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia will host the inaugural Saudi Green Initiative (SGI) Forum and Middle East Green Initiative (MGI) Summit in October.

The two events, announced by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in March, will be held in Riyadh on October 23-25, reports Xinhua news agency.

The SGI forum and MGI summit will bring together heads of state, public officials, business leaders, academic pioneers, environmental specialists, and representatives from civil society.

They will reinforce the kingdom’s commitment to making a sustainable global impact in the face of climate change and will enhance its work to protect the environment and the planet at large.

The events will focus on seeking to achieve global targets and helping catalyze the climate action in a regionally and internationally coordinated manner.

The SGI and the MGI aim to collectively plant 50 billion trees, as well as push the region toward achieving the target of reducing global carbon emissions by 10 per cent.