Saudi Arabia to appoint women judges soon

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia will appoint women judges in the Kingdom very soon, announced Hind Al Zahid, the undersecretary for women’s empowerment at the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, on Friday.

The country is strongly seeking to empower women at all levels and is trying to make progress on women’s rights.

While speaking to Al Arabiya, Al-Zahid told, “Today, a normal career in the law would see a person go through multiple stages before they can be appointed as judges. What I can say is that a Saudi woman assuming the position of a judge will happen very soon. There are initiatives in place on several levels.”

Over 2,000 women have been appointed at all job levels, including leading posts in the last three years at the Saudi Justice Ministry, she added.

Saudi women’s participation in the labour market has reached 31 per cent, surpassing the target set for 2025, which was at 25 per cent.

As for the civil service sectors, the Saudi women’s participation rate has increased from 39 to 41 per cent and most of them are in education and health sectors, Al Zahid said.