Saudi Arabia supports Sudan’s transitional military council, pledges aid

Riyadh [Saudi Arabia]: Saudi Arabia on Saturday backed the transitional military council in Sudan, announcing an aid package for the African country which has seen protests for months now.

“The Kingdom expresses its support for the steps announced by the transitional military council in preserving the lives and property. It stands by the Sudanese people and hopes that such steps will achieve security and stability for Sudan,” Saudi news outlet Al Arabiya reported, quoting the government.

This comes as the new military council leader Lt. Gen. Abdel Fattah Burhan lifted the curfew put in place by the old council, promising to bring in reforms across Sudan in his public address on Saturday.

He also held talks with the protesters, who put their demands in front of the Burhan, according to Anadolu Agency.
The Saudi aid package, meanwhile, includes wheat, petroleum products, and medicine. Riyadh, furthermore, called for all Sudanese people to prioritise national interest “in order to achieve their aspirations and hopes for prosperity and development.”

Scores of people have lost their lives in the agitations against the Omar al-Bashir government, which was overthrown in a military coup on Thursday.

The military has since announced the formation of a transitional military council for a period of two years – a decision which was met with sharp criticism from the Sudanese Professionals Association who have been spearheading protests which led to the eventual overthrow of the Sudanese President.

Protesters have been taking to streets in Sudan for months now, as initial protests were triggered by the rise in the prices of bread amongst other consumer goods.