Saudi Arabia: Mother, daughter graduate on the same day

Riyadh: In an inspiring story that tells the story of a struggle of a mother attaining her dreams, a Saudi woman and mother of five, Eidah-Al-Rasheedi last Friday graduated from Shaqra University. The twist in this heartwarming tale is that she graduated on the same day as her daughter Areej, from the same university.

Eidah Al-Rasheedi told in an interview with Al-Arabiya that she was able to reconcile between her studies and managing family affairs. Areej and Eidah always in great competition in studying lessons, until they graduated together on the same day.

“I have 5 daughters and 3 grandchildren, and despite that, I defied all circumstances and resolved to achieve my childhood dream and obtain a bachelor’s degree,”Eidah said.

She joined the university after completing secondary studies through the ‘home study’ system, and after a year Eidah found all the support and encouragement from her daughters and husband.

She says, “I am very happy with this achievement and obtaining a bachelor’s degree. our house is happy that I graduated and my daughter graduated.”

Eidah majored in business administration at the college of science and human studies in Shaqra, and her daughter Areej majored in kindergarten at the college of science and human studies. Presently, she aspires to complete post-graduate studies, especially in light of the support that education and Saudi women receive from the Kingdom’s leadership.

“I live feelings of joy and pride on the graduation of my mother, who has always kept us comfortable throughout our lives, and during university studies, we encouraged each other to study lessons and achieve high grades in university courses,” Areej told Al-Arabiya.

It is noteworthy that Shaqra University held a virtual graduation ceremony last week for the twelfth batch, which includes approximately 6,300 male and female graduates.

A video clip, published by the Al-Ikhbariya channel, documented the moments of Eidah Al-Rasheedi and her daughter Areej celebrating their success and graduation together at the university after passing the study trip.